He is a praised American comedian and writer. Metzger achieved international fame in 2009, after his praised stand-up act on “Byron Allen’s Comics Unleashed”.

The 39-year-old created several scripts for shows such as “Chappelle’s Show” and “The Greg Gutfeld Show”. The American comedian is best-known for his corky friendship with actress Amy Schumer and worked as a writer for Amy’s “Inside Amy Schumer” show.

Although she considers Metzger a close friend and deeply appreciates his work, Amy was really disappointed to find about his most recent actions.

Earlier this week, the writer generated a massive scandal after he posted several disturbing and unnecessary messages on his Facebook and Twitter pages.

After his fellow-artist comedian, Aaron Glaser was accused of sexual assault, Metzger suggested that Glaser it’s not the only responsible. He ranted on Facebook claiming that women who refuse to go to the police are continued the debate on Tuesday morning adding that raping is a very hard to prove a crime.

“Don’t f—ing complain about the police not helping if you didn’t bother going to the police at all,” he wrote on Monday. “‘Why aren’t the rape kits being tested??’ Because instead of actually educating women with useful information on what to do if they are being victimized, you blather nonsense about ‘culture’ and then tell them being weak is being strong.”, wrote the comedian on his Twitter.

His friend, Amy Schumer revealed in her new book that she’s not a stranger when it comes to sexual assault.

Although she wanted to stay put from the scandal, she tried to clarify the controversy generated by Metzger during an interview with Charlie Rose.