Leonardo DiCaprio was all set to play host to an upcoming Hillary Clinton fundraising event, but when he experienced an unforeseen scheduling conflict, he was lucky enough to have friends in high places who were willing to bail him out.

Those friends? None other than Hollywood power couple Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. While DiCaprio was originally scheduled to host the fundraiser at his home this coming Tuesday, his work schedule has left him stranded in New York until the following day, as he completes a new project.

When it became apparent that he would not be able to make it back, the Oscar winner got on the phone and contacted his famous pals to see if they would be willing to take his place. Rather than leave Hillary in the lurch, he asked Justin and Jessica if they would be willing to fill in and the couple graciously agreed.

Leonardo’s pals not only agreed to fill in for him, they also agreed to move the event to their home instead. The change of plans took place due to DiCaprio’s responsibilities as a producer on the upcoming documentary Before The Flood.

The film is scheduled to premiere at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival and will focus on the harmful effects of climate change on a number of endangered species, as well as their native communities. President Obama, Bill Clinton, Pope Francis and Secretary of State John Kerry are all slated to be featured.

DiCaprio has been a staunch supporter of the Hillary Clinton campaign since its inception (no pun intended) and was seen in attendance at a June fundraiser that took place at entertainment magnate Harvey Weinstein’s New York home.