The highly anticipated Fallout 4 game mods for PS4 console seems to have reached a dead end following Bethesda’s Pete Hines confirmation that there is still no new mod available for the specific platform. Fallout 4’s Nuka World DLC is at hand, but fans have become more apprehensive about the supposed Fallout 4 game mods for PS4 that was initially scheduled to arrive before the DLC launch.

Adding to the frustration of the PS4 gamers is the fact that, Fallout 4’s PC version has already received the mods ahead of time along with the Xbox One console. So the question is, are PS4 players left behind?

The game’s mod release date wasn’t specified and Bethesda has remained quiet about releasing target dates.

One Fallout 4 fan took to twitter to share his frustration with regards to the long awaited release of the game’s mods, unfortunately his actions didn’t help to generate good news from Bethesda.

Sony has also failed to address what the problem is with the delay of the game mods for PS4. The company seems to care less about the issue as they have been busy talking about their upcoming PlayStation Neo and PlayStation VR launching soon. This means that the mod problem isn’t a priority for them at the moment.

But while everyone waits patiently for Fallout 4 mods for PS4 console, news reports say that Fallout- New Orleans might arrive soon. It could come before the advent of Nuka World DLC, though the majority of fans believe it may arrive shortly after it.

Fallout: New Orleans isn’t a DLC, rather it is a sequel of the Fallout 4. It was revealed that the title has already been trademarked in Europe. It is predicted to be first in the series.