Track and field has experienced a number of scandals, as the sport has found itself embroiled in numerous doping controversies. Who could have ever thought that a skinny teenager from Jamaica who flamed our spectacularly during the 2004 Olympics would grow to become one of the most prolific sprinters that the world has ever seen?

After winning as astonishing nine gold medals over the course and capping his Olympic dominance by taking home three gold medals and three world records in the 2016 games, it is hard to imagine a more fitting end to his reign at the top.

As Bolt prepares to turn 30 this coming Sunday, he has sworn off athletic competition and has told everyone that these will be his last Olympics. However, there is something that feels different about this exit, as we are not used to seeing athletes walk away when they are in the prime of their careers.

We were forced to watch Michael Jordan become a shell of himself on the Washington Wizards, Brett Favre’s career ending with him being peeled off the turf after a vicious hit from an anonymous linebacker and Kobe Bryant’s final 60 point game was marred by the fact that he needed 50 shots to obtain it.

With Bolt, we are left with a sense that he could continue to dominate if he so chose, which makes it much harder to say goodbye. Nobody was able to come close to beating him, which begs the question of whether he could come back for another round of gold medals in 2020.

Whole Bolt lost a couple of races when he was injured or out of shape, he never came up short when it counted most and because of this, we will always remember him fondly. We wish him the best of luck in his impending retirement.