The Jamaican sprinter spent a passionate night in the company of a beautiful brunette, who is not his girlfriend.

The 20-year-old student from Rio posted a series of incriminating pictures on social media.

Although he is in a serious relationship with Kasi Bennett, Bolt celebrated the end of the Olympic Games with the hot Brazilian Jady Duarte.

The Jamaican athlete and his girlfriend did not make any comments regarding his affair with Duarte.

The sprinter, who won three gold medals at the Rio Olympics, calls Kasi “his First Lady”. Bolt and the curvy model are dating for more than two years.

“President” Usain Bolt stated numerous times that he wants to marry his fiancee.

During an interview with “The Sun”, Bolt referred at the 26-year-old as a “very special person from his life”. Although the pictures with the Brazilian might interfere in his marriage plans, Bolt says that nothing could harm his special bond with Kasi.

Bolt turned 30 on Sunday. While he was celebrating his birthday with another young lady in a nightclub, his girlfriend was at home in Jamaica, expecting her champion.

Contacted by the press, the 20-year Brazilian revealed that she didn’t know that Usain is a famous athlete and she considered their fling a very normal and casual thing.

Although, the paparazzi are after him constantly, Bolt tried to keep his love life as private as possible.

The Jamaican hero is planning to retire from the Olympic competitions. According to Daily Mail, Bolt is set to become a sports ambassador and he also signed a lifetime contract with Nike. The deal is said to be worth $30m a year.

Usain Bolt Cheated on His Model Girlfriend Usain Bolt Cheated on His Model Girlfriend Usain Bolt Cheated on His Model Girlfriend