There is going to be a new baby in the household of PenaVega. On Sunday, Alexa who is 27 posted an ultrasound photo of her first baby with Carlos on Instagram. She wrote the name of her sweet looking baby as Ocean King Pena Vega and added three heart emojis saying she can’t wait to see the baby.

The biblical interpretation of the baby’s name was given beautifully by the mother. God in the Bible called the dry ground as land and water as seas and God saw it was good. The name Ocean comes from there and said their baby is a son of the true King.

The couple was married in 2014 and made an announcement saying they were expecting in June. They were sharing pictures of their celebration of their two-week baby and their birthday trip. The couple shares their birthday together in August.

Alex posted adorable love messages for her husband saying she wants to spend every adventure with his man and said he has a heart for the Kingdom. He is a light in this world and makes the world a better place everywhere he goes. Alex also added he was an amazing leader and will be an incredible father.

And even though they are happy about the baby and waiting eagerly for him to come, the first married couple to ever compete in the show, Dancing with the Stars, weren’t without challenges to conceive the baby.

As easy as Carlos thought, the baby didn’t happen easily as stated by him in the couple’s YouTube channel in June. They had to keep trying to make their baby which of course he stated was not a bad thing.