In 2015 the New York Giants starting kicker, Josh Brown, was arrested on allegations of domestic violence. Six days after his arrest, his now ex-wife asserted accusations of multiple instances of physical abuse while they were married. She says that some of the incidences occurred in both Clifton and Hoboken during the 2013 and 2014 seasons.

In news reports that can be found quoting police dispatch, it is shown that twice the police were called to the Browns’ home on domestic violence complaints. Once, Brown stated that his wife at the time had kicked him in the ribs. However, neither of the confirmed instances resulted in arrests or charges being filed.

The Giants continue to offer support to their kicker, though, despite the fact that his arrest in May of 2015 for misdemeanor domestic violence resulted in a violation of their personal conduct policy that has resulted in his being suspended for their season opener, despite the fact that the charges were dropped only 5 days later. Team officials state that when they re-signed him they were aware of the allegations. They have not, however, offered any comment on why the re-signed him in spite of the national scrutiny the case is receiving.

Not only does he still have the support of the team management, he still has the support of his team mates. In an interview, one of his team mates, defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, states that he doesn’t like it when his personal life is blasted into the media and he tries to extend that same consideration to Brown on the reasoning that every team mate has one situation or another but everyone on the team is family and that Brown is “still their brother”.