Even experienced users often lose patience while trying to cope with the virtual personal assistant Siri.

Apparently, everyone agrees that Apple’s assistant program, which first appeared in 2011, has been a something of a disaster. Of course, experience and customer feedback have helped Apple dramatically improve this program despite the fact that a good number of wrinkles continue to challenge iOS 10’s creators.

One of the most important wrinkles that shows real promises is coming next month. Source: Barbra Streisand.

Ms. Streisand tells us she spoke directly with CEO Tim Cook at Apple, and during their conversation, he told her about the latest “fix”.

At present, since most of us can’t call Tim directly, the best way to express our impatience is try sites like Facebook, Twitter or Apple’s support forum where a user can chat with others who may have the same complaint to discuss.

The good news today is that Apple hopes to release the iOS 10 update on Sept. 30. However, Apple may release iOS 10 to the general public two weeks ahead of that date. Having seen how rapidly Apple pushes out iOS 10 beta updates, this news comes as no surprise.

But an NPR interviewer, during his interview with the still beautiful singer, whipped his iPhone and queried Siri, asking it which female songster has had hit records for sixty years?

Siri had only one thing to say to that: Barbra Streisand.

Unfortunately Siri “rained on her parade and didn’t bring her flowers” by pronouncing her surname, Streizand, and that explains the telephone conversation 74-year old Ms. Streisand and Tim Cook shared during which he mentioned the iOS September 30th update.

Most of us would consider that no biggie since telephone assistants routinely mispronounce names and abbreviations. Dr. instead of being pronounced Doctor comes out Der.

Maybe Siri just needs some one on one tutelage.