While buying a new car can be a unnecessary hassle and most of us wish to avoid this task if at all possible, Amazon is aiming to make the process much simpler for its users, with the launch of their brand new Amazon Vehicles showcase.

This service is not designed to place a car inside of a gigantic Amazon box and ship it to your home, but it will allow browsers to learn more about the vehicles that they are considering purchasing. The car buying process is often perplexing, but thanks to Amazon, prospective buyers are now able to ask the Amazon Vehicles community about crucial maintenance and repair related concerns before making a purchase.

For those who already shop with Amazon on a regular basis, the setup is very similar. It looks like a typical shopping page on Amazon and provides the ability to browse a number of different manufacturers and car body styles.

If you want to see more about a specific car, there are simple graphics to click on and there are also comprehensive filtering tools that offer an added level of specificity.

In addition to being able to browse through a variety of characteristics, Amazon Vehicles users also have the ability to look at cars that have already been given high ratings from a wide range of Amazon buyers. Prices are not listed, due to the fact that the vehicle cannot actually be purchased from Amazon directly.

Amazon Vehicles offers a specific product page, much like any other section of their website and interested buyers can ask questions about the vehicle that they are considering. Reviews from others that have purchased the vehicle are also available, although they are not verified.