The images show various touristic areas of Italian hometown Amatrice.

The Province of Rieti was completely destroyed by the powerful earthquake from last week, that killed more than 260 people.

“The city it doesn’t exist anymore. The clock tower from the 13th century, showing 03:36 a.m, the exact time of the earthquake and some walls with some posters are the ones that remained standing”, stated the mayor on August, 24.

Amatrice was a literal medieval jewel known for its authentic, picturesque and country-like vibe. The Italian hometown adored by tourists made a name for itself due to all’amatriciana pasta recipe. Instead of celebrating the 50th edition of their annual festival, the residents are struggling to save their loved ones, still stuck under the ruins.

Before the quake struck, Amatrice was packed with tourists, who came from all around the world in order to attend the 50th anniversary of the festival or sagra, celebrating pasta all’ amatriciana.

In order to help Amatrice, the rest of the country launched the most original charity campaign. For every sold plate of all’amatriciana, restaurants across Italy donate €1 for the International Red Cross. Even though Amatrice it doesn’t exist anymore, their tradition will carry on.

The 6.2-magnitude earthquake killed 230 people only in this rural town and other 50 died across the central region of Italy. Many more remain unaccounted for.

The beautiful town packed with Roman buildings represented the food agricultural base of Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park.