Iran’s military has detected a US military drone in the airspace of the country, leaving the device recognition after warnings, the Iranian news agency Tasnim stated.

“Antiaircraft systems detected and warned a US military drone in Iranian airspace in the east of the country. The drone came from Afghanistan and left the area after warnings,” said an Iranian military official.

According to the Iranian authorities, the reconnaissance drone was and seemed to have been scheduled to enter Iran’s airspace.

The United States has not commented yet the incident.

This situation occurred after several incidents between the Iranian and the United States Navy ships have occurred in the recent days in the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.

In one of the incidents, the USS Squall military ship fired on Wednesday for an Iranian vessel approaching dangerously.

On Tuesday, four Iranian warships approached the speed destroyer USS Nitze. The crew of the USS Nitze tried to communicate with the Iranian ships but without an answer and fired warning shots in the direction of two of them.

Dangerous maneuvers carried out by Iranian naval vessels could lead to an escalation of the situation; a spokesman for the US Navy drew the attention, quoted by the newspaper The Washington Post.

“The close range in which the Iranian ships are circulating near an American destroyer respecting international regulations, in neutral waters, would lead to escalation of the situation,” said William Urban after the incident on Tuesday, a spokesman for the Fifth Fleet of the United States.