Apasra Hongsakula won the popular beauty competition in 1965. She was just 18 when she became the first Thai to win Miss Universe.

More than 50 years have passed since she was named the most beautiful woman in the world.

Obviously, at 69 most women have a few wrinkles on their faces, their bodies change significantly and the hair begins to fade and turn white. But in Apasra’s case things are nothing like that!

Although she’s 69-years-old, the former beauty queen looks like she discovered the fountain of youth.

She looks incredible and when you look at her recent pictures you would never believe that she has the same age as your.. 20-year-old girlfriend.

Apasra looks even better that in her teenage years and her body looks insane.

There are rumors that Apasra went through some cosmetic surgeries to look this good and the transformation process cost more than $2,5 million dollars.

Her manager denies all the allegations and says that the 69-year-old changed her hairstyle and keeping her hair straight makes her appear way younger.

The Asian beauty was born in 1947, in Bangkok. She won Miss Universe in an era that women with “more common features” were considered beauty pageant-appropriate.

She managed to make a name for herself in Thailand working as a cultural ambassador.

She’s a philanthropist and a jury in the Miss Universe Thailand beauty pageant.

Apasra married Queen Sirikit’s cousin right after she got out from high school. They decided to go separate ways after she gave birth to a son. She currently owns a beauty spa center.