A new study suggests that eating only the things a caveman would have eaten, for eight weeks, might save you from a heart attack.

The diet is called the Paleo diet and could help a person prevent an eventual heart attack.

After a two months study, the people that followed the Paleo diet showed serious improvements in their health.

Even if the study was not of big proportions, it showed that even the slightest change in one’s diet could mean a lot when it comes to well-being.

Although the diet is not new, this is the first study to show the world of its benefits.

The study was held at the University Of Houston Laboratory Of Integrative Physiology and involved a number of eight healthy participants, who changed from the Western kind of diet to the Paleo one.

The diet consists of eating food that was only accessible in the Paleolithic era when processed grains or dairy food did not exist.

There was no restriction on how much or when the participants should eat and they were given the diet menu, some recipes, and advice on how to integrate it into their daily lives.

All of the participants, after completing the two-month trial, showed an interesting increase in interlukin-10 levels, which is a molecule that is produced by the immune cells which provide protection for blood cells and combats inflammation. The participants also lost some weight while on the diet.

Walter Voegtlin was the man that first introduced the Paleo diet, back in 1975.

The diet consists of eating foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meat, seafood, nuts and seeds and natural healthy fats.