Even though the Republican Party Nominee was associated various times with the acitivity with the American Financial Sector from Wall Street, this year most investors bet against the Donald Trump.

In addition, most investors showed their support for his female rival, according to MarketWatch.

“The market already decided that Hillary Clinton not only will become the winner of the presidential race, also, the final result will be very different from her rival”, said Merrill Lynch strategist David Woo.

Woo revealed that S&P 500 market index grew with 4% since July 5,the day that marked the start of the final countdown until the presidential election on November 8.

Over the years, the former presidents achieved more than 80%  from the votes at the presidential elections and before the voting, their S&P 500 indicator showed a 8,4% rise.

The last time stock exchanges showed a much higher value was when Ronald Regan won the election against Walter Mondale in 1984.

“For us, this sign shows that the market expects Hillary Clinton to maintain her status and to grow her leading against Donald Trump”, added the American strategist.

Expert Sam Stovall says that most times the S&P 500 ended up predicting the final results.

“Every single time the S&P 500 indicator dropped in these last three months, the most powerful canditate or party ended up being replaced in 86% of the cases.”, said the Global Market Intelligence specialist.

The last numbers show Hillary Clinton will become the big winner.

The market index reached at its highest on August 15, showing a point range of 2,193.