When at 30.000 feet above ground one must get bored during a long flight and your body can became soar from not moving for a long time, so this woman came up with the most awkward idea: she started practicing her yoga positions.

As shown in the pictures, the lady really loves her yoga. She not only went totally upside down but she also managed not to wake up her next seat neighbor when doing so.

The woman was traveling from Los Angeles towards Cabo San Lucass, Mexico, this Friday.

One man even recorded a video of her staying upside down and stretching her neck.

‘It was pretty bizarre but it was also pretty incredible at the same time,’ said Raad Mobrem, the man who posted the recording of the yoga session.
The unknown woman had her workout done for twenty minutes before a flight attendant came in and asked her to stop.

Alec Baldwin’s wife also shared a photo of herself doing her asanas in an airplane, standing on the isle of the plane with her leg at 90 degrees, back in 2014, so this is not a new practice.

There are still people doing stretching exercises on their seats, but there was no one so far to stand upside down.

Considered by some a form of art and by others a discipline one must learn that yoga is actually an ancient Indian practice characterized by meditation and exercise, which can improve the flexibility of the body, can significantly reduce stress and can generally improve health. In the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, “yoga” means “union”. We can say that yoga is the union that characterizes the mind, body and spirit. Yoga stipulates that the spirit and the body can be put into a union and balance so intense that it comes to create a single element.