With the ISIS threat raising more and more in many European countries, more and more tourists choose Spain over Turkey, Tunisia, and Egypt, with a record number of 67 million people expected to come visit the beautiful country.
Although this should be a good thing for Spain’s economy, locals seem to have a different opinion about it.
Racist messages were sprayed on Palma’s walls, saying that tourists are the real terrorists.
Rafael Gallego, a Spanish travel industry expert, said: ‘Between 12 per cent and 15 per cent of the tourists coming to Spain wouldn’t have come here were it not that those destinations that compete directly with Spain fur sun and beaches are closed due to tragic events.’

It seems that locals already protested against the holidaymakers disturbing the peace with antisocial behavior at night, the rubbish they leave behind them and the illegal tourist flats. Even more, the racist messages sprayed on the beautiful facades were several times washed up by the authorities but kept emerging anyways.

‘They want to turn us into a theme park, a place you close the doors on at night because no-one lives there,’ said a man living in Palma.

Even if they are not happy about the tourists, the locals know they have a big profit from them and said that the comparison with terrorists was made by a single person and is not something they believe.

More than 2 million additional tourists are expected to travel to Spain this year because of the terrorist threat facing other major touristic areas.