The largest supermarket chain in the world is set to cut-off 7,000 back office store-jobs.

According to Wall Street Journal, country’s largest private ecomplyer plans to implement automated cash-counting technology and the massive firings will affect the back-office department.

Most accounting and billing department employees work for Wal-Mart for more than 12 years and receive the biggest pay-checks from the company.

Wal-Mart’s main purpose is to get them out from their offices in order for them to communicate with their customers.

“You don’t run around the store the entire day and expect to be well paid”, stated an employee, who earns $13 per hour.

“Everyone wants those jobs, but there are no available spots”, added the man.

The country’s largest private employer, plans to eliminate those jobs over the next several months, the Wall Street Journal wrote on Thursday.

Wal-Mart spokesman Deisha Barnett said the strategy is part of Wal-Mart’s efforts to have more employees on the sales floor. In addition, the U.S. retailer is offering discharged workers consumer-facing positions in stores.

“Right now I’m getting my resume together,” said one of the accountants. A

fter working for more than 21 years with the U.S. retailer she said she’s not interested in a consumer-facing position.

The first Wal-Mart store was opened by Arkansas-based entrepreneur Sam Walton in 1950. By 1967, the company grew to 24 stores across the state of Arkansas. Wal-Mart’s strong-arm approach is the product of a simple cost-benefit analysis.