For women who wear eyeglasses, the eyes remain somewhere in the shadow, while real features are not properly highlighted.

In order to accentuate your sexy glance, you have to adapt your makeup taking into consideration the shape and color of your eyeglasses.

The shape of the frames

If your frames are very thick, you should go for a more natural look. In this case, you can apply a smooth line with a black or brown gel liner on top of your eyelashes. After that, apply a little bit of mascara without becoming dramatic. If you’re not exactly a master when it comes to applying eyeliner you can always play with peach and beige eye shadows, in order to obtain the most beautiful, natural and discreet look.

If you have bold colored frames, you could always opt for a casual ‘smokey eyes’ and contoured cheeks.

For frameless eyeglasses, you have more liberty to play. Add a bit of color to your face and get that warm summer glow with a little bit of pink along the apples of your cheeks.

If you are a more ‘retro’ kind of girl, retro frames go hand-in-hand with a matte red or burgundy lipstick and a contoured face.

The color of the frames

You can choose bold colored frames taking into consideration the contrast between your frames and the iris. For example, orange accentuates blue eyes and red frames are perfect for green eyes.

Another aspect is your complexion. For a lighter complexion brown or gold frames are not an inspired choice. And always keep in mind that thicker frames require a more natural and light makeup, because: ‘Less is more’.