More than 100,000 Brazilians supporting former president Dilma Rousseff, crowded the streets of Sao Paulo, in order to protest against her removal.

“Out, Temer!” or “Elections now!”, we’re the messages written by the protestants on giant banners.

The Brazilian people are completely against Dilma Rousseff’s successor and require new general elections.

The Brazilian Senate recalled Rousseff on Wednesday, amid an accusation of manipulating the labor budget.

The new president is Brazilian politician and lawyer Michael Temer.

The manifestations that took place on Sunday night and ended with numerous arrests.

The current president was in China at the G20 summit when the people took the streets to protest against the alleged coup.

After Michel Temer got all the insides regarding the situation in Sao Paulo, he called the protestants “little groups of predators”.

“They are small groups. I don’t have the exact numbers but they were like 40,50, 100 people. From 204 millions of Brazilians, I think their number is insignificant”, told Temer.

“The Brazilian putschist president told we are 40. We are almost 100,000 on the Paulista Street.”, told the leader of the Sin Techo movement Guilherme Boulos.

A group of protestant burnt a wooden coffin with Michel Temer’s doll and a woman was holding a banner with the logo: “Dilma is still the President of Brazil”.

At Rio de Janeiro, more than 2,000 people crowded the center of the city.

The Senate voted Wednesday to convict Rousseff on charges of having illegally manipulated government accounts, replacing her with Temer, her enemy, and former vice president.