The US President Barack Obama and the British Prime Minister Theresa May discussed the effects of the decision about the British exit from the EU, trying to minimize the impact on Brexit’s “special relationship” between the US and the UK.

The two leaders discussed the G20 Summit in China; this is the first time that the British Prime Minister Theresa May is meeting with the US president.

Obama said that, in his view, Britain’s priority is “to realize what the Brexit means regarding Europe,” and promised to cooperate with May to avoid “adverse effects” on the business relationship between the two states.

The leader of the White House added that the UK will have to wait until the United States will enter into negotiations for a new trade treaty separately with the United Kingdom. Obama said that Washington’s priority is to finalize the trade agreements with the European Union and the countries of the Asia-Pacific area.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May said she plans to take advantage of the economic opportunities that Britain will have outside the EU, reiterating that “Brexit really means Brexit” and that there would not be “any attempts to get out of this.”

In an interview before leaving for China, May warned that Britain will face some “difficult moments” during the process of exit from the EU, despite some recent encouraging economic news.

However, the prime minister said that London will successfully complete the exit from the bloc and would find economic opportunities outside the EU.

Theresa May has denied the assumption of early elections, stressing that Britain needs stability.