Flights were canceled at an airport in London after a protest against air pollution, undertaken by Black Lives Matter, blocked a runway on Tuesday morning, reports the online site of the newspaper The Independent.

The police said 9 protesters were arrested and are detained on charges of violation of private property and illegal stay in the airport area.

Last activists were arrested around 11:25 local time at about six hours after the group occupied the runway of London City Airport.

According to the international media, the protest led to the cancellation of 12 flights and delayed another 16.

“We are preparing the airport to resume activities as soon as possible,” said an employee of the airport.

Protesters have mounted a tripod on the runway and were linked to it. Specialist officers arrived at the scene to “unshackle” the activists.

Black Lives Matter activist organization announced in a press release that: “This action was held to highlight the environmental impact of Britain on people of color, both locally and globally.”

The groups of activists added that the already planned expansion of the London City Airport “will produce in the local community of the London Borough of Newham even more damage to the environment”.

According to them, the airport has interests in relation to people who provide financial services, thus facilitating helping the wealthy, “ while 28 percent of the British population is black and is more likely to be exposed to air pollution … the environmental inequality is a racial crisis. ”