Obviously, they were not interested in a beautiful and… smart Miss Ukraine.

The jury from the ‘Miss Ukraine’ beauty pageant swapped brains for beauty after Aleksandra Kucherenko failed to name her own Prime Minister during the preliminary pageant interview question.

The host asked the 18-year-old to name the Ukrainian Prime Minister on live TV, but instead of delivering the answer Aleksandra went blank and started smiling for no reason.

Despite the awkward experience, the beautiful teenager who was competing under the 13 won the big title.

The competition took place in Kiev and Aleksandra made it to the semifinals.

‘I am really sorry, I thought everybody would know that.’, said one of the hosts, who witnessed the weird moment.

He then added: ‘But she is very beautiful.’

Aleksandra Kucherenko will represent Ukraine at the Miss World Competition in December. The large-scale beauty event will take place in Washington.

After the show, a journalist asked her what went on during the interview. The teenager revealed she was so nervous that she forgot everything.

Aleksandra graduated a music school in Dnieper and her biggest dream is to become a TV host. Currently, she is studying journalism at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev. This year she will make an attempt to grab the Miss World crown.

What do you think about Aleksandra’s chances to win the Miss Universe title? She might need some practice at the general culture questions.