A group of Syrian refugees burkini-clad had escorted by the police at a beach party after ‘concerning’ declarations that were very strong opinionated appeared on Facebook.

Police stated that they escorted them to the beach in Benone, Magilligan, County Londonderry¸ Northern Ireland, where the barbecue took place last Saturday as a part of their ‘keeping people safe’ attribute.

The migrants were invited to the event by the North West Migrants Forum organizers as part of the CARE Project (Community and Refugee Encounter).

The party was said to be a ‘relaxed beach experience’ but they said they faced criticism when asking other people to ‘wear burkinis to show support to our Muslim women’.

They are thought to have been receiving some negative comments written on Facebook.

‘After very strong opinions expressed through our Facebook account and the ongoing burkini debate, we were concerned that the event may be disrupted,’ explained a project coordinator

But, despite that the police attended the event, the party went on without a hitch.

‘We felt very relaxed and free to enjoy the barbecue and the beautiful beach experience without any interference,’ added the North West Migrants Forum group.

A police spokesman also stated: ‘The event provided the opportunity to engage with a cross-section of the local community in a very positive way.’

Pictures are showing the refugees in full burkinis having fun on the beach and swimming around in the sea.

Organizers declared that it was a positive and well-attended experience and grated the police ‘for keeping us safe’.

‘We had two police officers who spent the whole day with us, they even let the children explore and play with their van,’ a spokesman said.