FC Barcelona marked the start of the Paralympic Games – variant Olympics for people with disabilities – with a very special football game against Spain’s National Paralympic football team.

At the competition that took place in Spain, participated Lionel Messi, Ivan Rakitic, Sergi Roberto and Jordi Masip.

The four goalkeepers played blindfolded against the blind team, that represents Spain at the Paralympic Games.

The teams used a special ball, that makes a noise when the players hit it. Messi was the only player who scored for the Catalans.

The promo video was released on Thursday morning, in order to encourage Spain’s Paralympic football team.

Messi and his teammates had the time of their lives with the disabled team initiating the most entertaining kickabout and penalty shootout contest.

The remarkable game was organized by UNICEF. This week the humanitarian organization marks 10 years since their partnership with the FC Barcelona Foundation.

The 2016 Summer Paralympic Games is in its 15th edition and represents the largest and most important sports competition for disabled athletes. The first edition held in Latin America started on September 7 and ends on September 18.

The 2016 Paralympic Games  hosts 4,386 athletes from 176 countries. The champions will battle for 528 gold medals in 23 sports competitions, taking place in 20 venues.

This year’s edition, hosted by Brazil faced major budget issues. The Russian team was not allowed to attend, due to their latest doping scandal.