The North Korean government stated on Friday that the fifth nuclear experiment attests the ability to install an ogive on one of their missiles.

‘The last nuclear test confirmed the structure and the specific characteristics of a nuclear ogive, which was personalized in order to be installed on strategic ballistic missiles.’, said the North Korean KCNA agency news.

The experiment ‘undoubtedly elevated their technology level’ regarding North Korea’s purpose ‘to install ogives on their ballistic missiles’.

In March, Kim Jong-Un said his country managed to miniaturize a thermonuclear warhead, suitable to be attached to a nuclear weapon. Although his theory was questioned by numerous experts, the supreme leader claims he discovered the technology.

The miniaturization issue is essential when it comes to nuclear weapons transportation to a certain target. In addition, the North-Korean government claimed their experts developed a large range missile, able to reach all the way to America.

A live broadcasting of their national television announced the ‘successful nuclear test’, went viral this morning.

The North-Korean capital transmitted they achieved a ‘breakthrough’ and they are now ready to deal with their enemies.

‘Our scientists conducted an experiment consisting in blowing a nuclear ogive, at the testing center based in north”, announced the TV presenter.

‘Our party sent them a congratulatory message’, added she.

On Friday, the North Korean state announced the next nuclear test on North Korea’s 68th anniversary.

U.S. president Barack Obama declared that North Korea’s latest actions will follow some ‘serious consequences’.

Meanwhile, the South Korean president Park Geun-Hye called the nuclear experiment ‘an act of self-destruction’ and called Kim Jong-Un a ‘reckless fanatic’, reports CNN. In addition, conducting the nuclear tests, North Korea defies the UN Security Council rules.