The Queen was called a ‘beacon’ of style worldwide as one of the best-dressed ladies in the world.

Vanity Fair awarded Queen Elizabeth a unique commendation for her unwavering in dress – which is the first award like this in its history.

The magazine declared that Her Majesty had a resolute sense of fashion and style over the century of quick change which was inspiring for all of those who saw her.

The International Best Dressed List was made by Amy Fine Collins, Vanity Fair special correspondent, the editor of the magazine, Graydon Carter and some other editors, which was based on the votes of fashion lovers around the globe.

Miss Collins declared that The Queen, which is Britain’s longest sovereign, deserves a special citation due to her steadfast sense of style.

‘She has consistently represented who she is and what she stands for, without wavering from a standard she set a long time ago. Politics, culture, and class structure in the empire – all of that shifts constantly, but she doesn’t. She’s a beacon,’ Miss Collins said.

Vanity Fair said that the best ensemble was the Stewart Parvin lime green coat she had on at Trooping the Colour this June as she was celebrating her 90th birthday.

The magazine also pointed out a number of Her Majesty’s outfits over the years, proof of her strong fashion sense.

A 1961 photo was included which showed her looking ‘resplendent’ in a mantle and robe of the  St Michael and St Peter orders at a St Paul’s Cathedral service.