Beau Jessup, a British teenager of 16 years old, earns about 16,000 pounds per month with a website that helps Chinese parents choose English names for their children.

The young had the idea for the new businesses after, during a trip to China, was asked by some friends to help them choose a name for their child, reports The Independent.

She then noticed that using English names for Chinese children has increased in the last 20 years, and the elections were not all happier.

Thus, some children have come to call “Gandalf”, “Cinderella” or “Rolex”.

She makes Chinese and English names for children to use in an e-mail and make it easier to go to study or work outside the country.

Jessup founded a website called, which helps Chinese people to find English names suitable for their children.

On her website, parents need to select the sex of the baby, and five attributes they would like for their child to have. They are then suggested three names, each of which is specified with the significance and the celebrities named like that.

For this service, parents are charged with 60 pence each. The site has 27,000 visitors per month, the number of parents who have used this service rising to 221,000.

Its founder earns around 16,000 pounds per month and so far has collected 48,000 pounds.

The young lady says she spends two hours a day talking to customers about how to improve the service.

Beau is studying Mandarin and wants to raise enough money for college from the deal.