A bad headache can spoil your good humor and cheerfulness. Especially if it happens at work or while you’re driving.

Headaches can be described as discomfort or pain located in the head area and sometimes in the neck area. In most cases, they occur because of the nerves, muscles or blood vessels from your face, scalp or brain are inflamed or worn-out.

The severity of a headache varies from location to period. Because it’s so common and the causes are numerous, a correct diagnose it’s crucial.

Although most times, headaches are harmless and bothering you a few hours, in some cases they could hide horrific diseases such as brain tumors or a potential stroke.

The Bright Side gives a simple technique that helps to get rid of a nasty headache in less than 30 seconds (and you don’t need drugs).

The human body has some ‘special’ areas that can massage in order to relieve pain. One of them is acupressure.

So what do you do when you face a terrible headache? The point to press on is situated on your palm, between the thumb and the index finger. Connect these fingers to find it — see the prominent muscle on your palm? That’s it.

Press on this point so that your thumb is on the back of your hand, while your index finger presses from below, on the palm. Maintain the pressure for 30 seconds, then alternate your hands and do the same for the other hand for 30 seconds. If you’ve done everything correctly, your headache will soon dissipate.