Roman Abramovich is known as one of the richest men in the world and the Russian billionaire owner of the football club, Chelsea FC.

And he has shown off his wonderful and incredible collection of cars while driving with some friends at the Nurburgring race track located in Germany.

It is a first for the Russian mogul to make a public appearance in the high-class vehicles, which are collectively worth £8.5million, according to experts.

The man that owns the German race track is Abramovich’s previous business partner the oligarch Viktor Kharitonin, who made the invitation to attend the race event.

Among the cars which the 49-year-old brought to Germany, we can name a rare Pagani Zonda R, which was produced in only 15 copies and came with a price of £2.5million.

Instructor at the well-known track, Tatiana Golovlyovo said: ‘Usually track days are organized for the owner of the Nurburgring, Viktor Kharitonin. This is an exclusive event for the owner and his friends, nobody else apart from the staff and crew working for event can enter the property.’

She also stated that until this event, nobody had seen this much of Abramovich’s collection, that also includes a Ferrari 488 GT3, a Bugatti Veyron, a Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3, an Aston Martin Vulcan, a Lamborghini Reventon and much more.

According to some reports, Roman Abramovich, who is said to be worth £8.6billion, lost the whole first day on the ‘Nordschleife’ (‘Northern Loop’) racing, which is the longest part of it at 13 miles.

The next day, the businessmen spent time on a much shorter one, the GP-Strecke, which is only  3.2 miles long.

During the event, Abramovich also tested almost the entire range of sports cars that belongs to Porche and the ‘Formula-BMW’ single-seated vehicles.