She suddenly left the commemoration ceremony from Sunday because allegedly the heat affected her well-being and the images when her team members are helping her to get into the car became viral on the Internet.

Later, a source inside Hillary Clinton political entourage confirmed that she’s actually suffering from pneumonia and she was forced to postpone her presidential tour from California.

The investors, who already were struggling with the disappointing reports from the last three months, the news regarding Hillary’s health came as another massive blow.

This is not looking very pretty for the Democratic nominee, who was accused by Donald Trump that her health is at risk and she should not be participating in the presidential race. At that time, the 60-year-old denied the allegations.

Hillary Clinton’s recent achievements are now placed under obscurity, especially by the International stock markets and now Donald Trump has one chance from three to win the White House.

This means a lot more volatility in the international stock market and more incertitude for the investors. They will not be very happy if Trump wins the elections, taking into consideration the fact they already declared Clinton as the next U.S. president. His victory will represent a weakened dollar and major fluctuation when it comes to the gold price and other important currencies. Not to mention that he already declared a financial war to China and Japan.

The consequences of his potential victory mean more valuable shares in real-estate and construction firms, due to his ‘immigration wall’, that promises to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking.