Hungary should be excluded from the European Union, said on Tuesday the Luxembourg Foreign Minister, Jean Asselborn, who criticized Budapest policies on migration, freedom of the press and independence of the judiciary, notes the news agency Dpa.

“Those countries – like Hungary – which raise fences against refugees of war or infringe press freedom and judicial independence should be temporary – if necessary – definitively excluded from the EU,” said Asselborn in an interview with the German newspaper Die Welt.

The official argued that this is the only means of maintaining cohesion and community values.

“The fence that Hungary is building to deter refugees is becoming increasingly long, tall and dangerous. Hungary is not too far to give an order to fire on refugees,” accused Asselborn.

The Luxembourg Minister also said that Hungary would have no chance of joining the EU if they did request it now.

In recent years, Hungary, led by the conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban, came often in conflict with the EU, over differences among the refugee crisis management, reintroduction of capital punishment and government reforms.

All of these came after the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has warned about the possibility of migration crisis intensifieing in the following months. He believes that immigrants will seek a safe place in the European countries before winter. The Hungarian leader also argued that  new tensions will break between Brussels and Budapest, if the Hungarian authorities will be prevented to defend their borders.

On October 2 Hungarian citizens entitled to vote are called to the referendum that should say whether or not they agree for their country to receive refugees, the mandatory quotas set by the European Commission.