Brits might need visas to travel to the European Union states.

The announcement was made by the British Minister of Internal Affairs Amber Rudd, who warned its citizens regarding a more elaborate security check at the EU borders, due to the last terrorist attacks from France and Belgium.

According to Amber Rudd, the new visa program has to be followed by the EU citizens who wish to travel in the UK as well.

The EU visa could cost 60 euros and for a quicker passport check-up, the applicants are forced to pay 6 euros extra.

Apparently, Europeans who plan to get a job and establish in the kingdom need a work permit. Following the official procedure, the ‘divorce’ between Britain and the politico-economic organization will be finalized in the next two years.

Amber Rudd explained that a work permit represents a security measure, suitable for the people who agreed the kingdom’s decision to exit EU, meant to increase the security at the borders and lower the immigration rate.

‘Work permits certainly have value’, told Rudd told to BBC.

Although the official negotiation regarding the Brexit was not officially initiated, UK has to come up with other methods in order to please the Brexit voters, who wanted the immigration to be reduced and they did not approve the ‘open-borders’ policy adopted by the European Union.

Meanwhile, London is struggling to keep Britain’s economy under control, which mostly depends on the foreign workforce.

Currently, Great Britain has a visa system only for non-EU travelers, while the EU citizens are living and working in the UK without needing a visa.