Top models wearing hijab, a traditional veil that covers the head and chest of Muslim women, walked for the first time on the New York Fashion Week podium on Monday.

The stunning collection that featured the beautiful accessory and a collection of outfits inspired by traditional Muslim costumes were created by Indonesian stylist Anniesa Hasibuan.

The fashion show took place in the special section dedicated to ‘haute couture’ collections at the Moynihan Station in midtown Manhattan.

Although Anniesa is not the first Indonesian fashion designer to present a collection in the Big Apple, she’s the first to include the ‘hijab’ in an haute couture fashion show.

Anniesa’ s main goal is to create delicate ‘hijabs’ using fabrics such as silk and brocade and combine them with daring and unique fashion items like trousers, jacket, tunics and even short dresses.

The Indonesian fashion stylist opened her first boutique in Kemang, near the capital of Jakarta. Her brand became so successful and appreciated by fashion enthusiasts that she received a proposed to attend the Fashion Week in Istanbul, London, and New York.

Her unique collection was named ‘De Jayakarta’ and featured the headscarves in gold, silver, and pink tones.

The color pallet for the costumes included peach, green and brown. The looks were completed with glamorous and bold jewelry, daring waistbands and big sunglasses. Another item that caught the attention of celebrities and fashion lovers was a lace cape, that featured in various colors. Anniesa said that Monday’s show was ‘the best moment I ever had’.