Rachel Warwick suffers from the rarest disease, that basically makes her allergic to water. In Rachel’s world a glass of water, a bath, and even her own tears are the most agonizing experience.

But how can the human body become allergic to its most important and crucial living resource?

Rachel discovered the horrific disorder when she was just 12 when she noticed a rash on her skin after a swimming lesson.

In fact, a relaxing swim or snorkel session for Rachel is a torturing experience and her own sweat causes the most disturbing irritation, which lasts for several hours.

‘It’s horrible, but my face becomes swollen if I start crying’, confessed the woman.

According to specialists, her disease is called ‘aquagenic urticaria’ and affects a very small group of people.

The most common question regarding her case is how she manages to survive, given the human’s permanent necessity to consume water and our body is in fact 60% water.

‘Whenever I tell people about my disease, I ask the same thing: how you eat, what you drink, how do you clean yourself? The truth is that all you can do is to endure the situation and move on’, said Rachel.

She is taking a shower once a week, she does not make an effort and wears thin clothes in order to not sweat and drinks milk instead of water. When it’s raining she doesn’t leave the house.

So far, the doctors we’re not able to find a remedy, although they reported a few signs of progress with certain medicines, but nothing 100% effective.

‘If I heal, I want to swim in the pool and dance in the rain’, added Rachel.