Massive floods and landslips caused by the torrential rain from Wednesday, killed 19 people, including children.

In the Garut region, in the western side of the island, a river overflowed and the water in the city reached up to about meters, said the Management Agency for National Disasters spokesman Sutopo Purwo.

‘In the official document (regarding only the Garut region), 16 deaths were reported and eight persons are missing’, added Purwo. The balance sheet includes an eight-month-old and four children under the age of 10.

More than 1000 inhabitants were forced to leave their homes and sheltered in improvised tents installed by the rescue teams.

In another area, on the Java island, the landslides from Sumedang caused the death of three persons and another victim died after he was buried alive under a pile of mud and stones. Two people were severely injured and a mosque collapsed.

The agency responsible for the disaster management advised the locals to be vigilant during this season, because of the ‘La Nina’ weather phenomenon.

In June, nearly fifty people lost their lives due to heavy rains and landslides in the central region of Java island.

Improvised kitchens and emergency shelters were installed in the area in order to help those who lost their homes.

Rains frequently caused landslides and widespread flooding across much of Indonesia, an archipelago where millions of people live in mountainous areas or on flood plains near rivers. A total of more than 30 villagers were injured in both districts, Purwo said.