Samsung admitted they did something wrong after its massive withdraw from the market.

Tech-enthusiasts are still reluctant when it comes to buying the new model because they can’t detect the differences between a model from the new batch and a model from the initial batch.

The real issue, in this case, is that the “bad” units aren’t screens with an odd tint or a headphone jack that doesn’t work — they’re phones that could potentially be dangerous.

In order to clear things up, Samsung announced a series of methods to verify the differences right in the store, before you decide to purchase it.

The new units arrived in the store and they were launched on Wednesday. They came in an average box, not very different from the original one, marked with a black square on the external label. The black square label features only on the new units, which were approved for marketing.

Samsung Galaxy S7 replacements come with a black square on the box

If you bought the Note 7 and you threw away the box, Samsung placed a green indicator for the battery in the new software. The indicator was placed on the top bar and on the main screen. The phones from the first batch have a white or gray battery indicator.

If you bought a Galaxy Note7 from the first batch, Samsung advises you to return the model to a Samsung authorized center or in order to receive a new model.

Another rather unfortunate piece of this puzzle is the fact that many reviews have named this device one of if not THE best Android smartphone in the world.