Israeli authorities forbade the national Palestinian beach soccer team to travel abroad.

According to a Palestinian diplomat, the football team had to attend to a competition held in Danang, Vietnam.

‘The Israeli authorities stopped all 14 members of the team from crossing the Erez border crossing’, stated Hashim Iamented.

The team members were extremely excited and enthusiastic about the Fifth Asian Beach Games but the Israeli authorities banned them from crossing the border, caring less about the competition.

‘The Israeli ban will keep us from taking part in the competition, due to kick off next Saturday in Danang’, added lamented.

The most awkward part of the story is that the Israeli authorities failed to provide a credible reason for their actions.

This incident comes just days after the conflict between the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Palestinian President.

During a General Assembly of UN, Netanyahu said the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ‘has never been linked to the Hebrew colonies’, but about ‘the existence of the Hebrew state, without taking into consideration its borders’.

Netanyahu criticized the global organization for adopting inappropriate measure against his country and said that ‘the UN, which posed as a moral prank and the prank ended up becoming a moral’, reports Reuters.

The Israeli Prime Minister invited President Abbas to speak up in front of the Israeli parliament, while he will take the word in front of the Palestinian Legislative Council from Ramallah. Reuters questioned the authenticity of this offer, considering the fact that the Palestinian parliament failed to reunite since 2007 and the first Arab leader who held a public speech in the Knesset in 1977, was murdered four years later.