The ambassador of Singapore to China accused on Tuesday a major state-run newspaper from China of making up a report about the position of Singapore on the South China Sea, the paper staying by its story.

On Sept. 21 the Global Times said that during a summit of the Non-Aligned Movement from Venezuela, the issue of the disputed waterway was raised by Singapore, an international tribunal which is ruling in the Philippines’s side in a case against the Chinese claims.

The influential newspaper, which is published by the official People’s Daily  of the Communist Party, wrote that Singapore’s attempt was prevented by ‘many’ other countries opposition.

An anonymous ‘person in the know’ was cited by the newspaper.

Singapore’s ambassador in Beijing, Stanley Loh, wrote in the letter to the editor in chief of the paper, Hu Xijin, that the words and actions attributed to Singapore in the paper are ‘false and unfounded’.

‘Contrary to the claim fabricated by the Global Times, the Singapore delegation did not raise the South China Sea or the tribunal ruling at the NAM Summit,’ the man said.

‘We are disappointed that an established newspaper published this irresponsible report replete with fabrications and unfounded allegations with no regard for the facts.’

In a statement in which he responded, Hu carried on the official microblog of the paper, saying that he stays by the story and that the source is a ‘serious and reliable’ one and the report is accurate, this way not being able to accept the ambassador’s accusations.