The first baby in the world brought to the world using a procedure, which combines the DNA of three people, seems healthy and normal.

The baby was born on April 6, after her parents from Jordan traveled all the way to Mexico to a fertility clinic, where a team of U.S. doctors supervised the treatment.

The medical team was led by John Zhang from the New Hope Fertility Center, who decided to experiment the mitochondrial transfer procedure hoping that it will bring the Jordanian couple a healthy child.

Although the experts were really opened about this new medical procedure, many raised concerns regarding the doctors choice to perform the procedure in Mexico, instead of operating in their clinic from New York.

Another aspect that seemed awkward was the fact that they didn’t publish any detail regarding the treatment.

Zhang told the New Scientist that he flee to Mexico ‘where there are no rules’, adding that his decision was the right one.

‘When it comes to saving lives, what we did was ethical’, explained Zhang.

Although, the mitochondrial transfer was legalized in Britain last year, so far no other country introduced the medical procedure in their legislation.

The treatment is meant for couples, who present a high risk of transmitting serious of even fatal genetic diseases to their children.

The mother of the little boy born in April has the Leigh Syndrome, a disorder which affects the evolution of the nervous system.

These disorders affect the DNA, through the mitochondria, tiny structures similar to cell batteries, which provide energy and they are transmitted from mother to child.

When the couple contacted Zhang, they decided to try the new medical procedure. The American specialist took the nucleus from one of the mother’s eggs and inserted into the egg of a healthy donor.

Then, the fertilized egg with the genetic material of a man.