Dozens of pro-Kremlin militants stormed Moscow on Thursday, at a photo exhibition in the Sakharov center, some of which represented the Ukrainian soldiers fighting for the pro-Russian separatist forces in eastern Ukraine, informs AFP.

Claiming to be ‘defenders’ of the rebel regions, the militant’s damaged photos and they stripped legends, compelling the Sakharov center to close temporarily this exhibition inaugurated on Tuesday.

‘People in camouflage attire and Cossacks cried? Hold them bastards, save Russia!’ , said in a message on the social network Facebook the Sakharov center, which works for a human rights organization.

‘There were about 40 people’, including a local MP who wore a jar filled with fake blood, told AFP Kalujski Michael, who witnessed the attack.

These militants ‘said that this is a fascist exhibition’ he said.

Since Wednesday, according to images broadcasted by a Russian television channel Ren-TV, a man already sprayed with paint over a dozen of the photos displayed.

The attacker, Anton Belikov, claimed the action on the Russian social network Vkontakte and was declared ready to face prosecution, although the center decided not to file a complaint.

Photos damaged by this individual, which are claimed as ‘artist’s religious Orthodox Church’, were signed by Sergei Loiko, a Los Angeles Times journalist, and Aleksandr Vasukovici.

They represent, among others, the Ukrainians separatists braving Russian soldiers among the ruins of the Donetsk airport, the city stronghold of the rebels.

This incident comes after the closure on Sunday of an exhibition of the American photographer Jock Sturges who was accused of being a pedophile by the militants who threw urine across his pictures.