A British man might become the first person in the world, who cured of HIV, following an experimental treatment developed by a team of researchers from five universities in the kingdom.

According to them, after he went through the treatment, every trace of the deadly virus literally disappeared from the patient’s blood.

The 44-year-old man is one of the 50 individuals, who underwent the experimental treatment meant to cure HIV-positives.

The cure was 100% created by the British professors and is the first successful therapy, which successfully detects and destroys the HIV virus, located in any part of the body, including dormant cells, overlooked by other treatments.

‘This is just one of the serious attempts to completely cure HIV’, said the National Institute for Health and Research manager Mark Samuels.

‘We are exploring the real possibility of eliminating HIV. It’s a huge challenge and we are still at the beginning, although the progress is remarkable’, added Samuels.

The genius team was formed by scientists from Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College of London, University College of London and King’s College London.

If it proves to be a 100% success, the remedy will provide a real hope for this incurable disease. The first patient, whose identity was not disclosed, expressed his gratitude.

‘I was a part of this experimental therapy to help others but also myself. It would be a huge achievement if, after so many years, a cure has been found. The fact that I was part of that would be incredible’, declared the patient, according to an inside source.