Chair of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) Diane James announced her resignation on Tuesday, only 18 days after she took over the leadership of this party of anti-immigration coming next after Nigel Farage, according to AFP.

In a posting on Twitter, James explained: ‘Obviously I don’t have sufficient authority nor support from all of my fellow MEPs and party leaders to implement the changes I consider necessary and on which I based my campaign.’

‘For personal and professional reasons, therefore, I will not continue the electoral process,’ she added.

Thank you to all supporters @UKIP Who Attended my meetings across the country #MeetDiane over the summer.

– Diane James (@DianeJamesMEP) October 4, 2016

Diane James, aged 56, former spokeswoman for UKIP has been appointed at the party leadership following the withdrawal of Farage.

The Brexit campaign leader announced he resigned from the leadership by surprise, a few days after the British decided by referendum in June the withdrawal of their country from the European Union. Farage of UKIP excluded the event returning to the forefront. ‘Not for ten million dollars,’ he told for the Press Association.

Another leading successor to the MEP, Steven Woolfe, could be excluded from internal elections because the dossier was submitted 17 minutes too late.

UKIP became the third political force in the United Kingdom after the ruling of the Conservatives and Labourists. The Nationalist Party won the elections in May 2015 for one deputy seat, which received votes from 3.8 million voters, which is a rate of 12.6%, reminds AFP.