The Republican Candidate is using Twitter as an instrument of repression, writes the New York Times.

The American newspaper decided to create a database of the insults uttered by Trump in the last year.

According to New York Times, the nominee insulted 273 persons, objects and places in 15 months.

After he announced his nomination for the U.S. presidency, the American tycoon redirected his anger towards Hillary Clinton, the Chinese Government and George W. Bush.

Unsurprisingly, the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton is the most offended person by Donald Trump, who called her ‘grifter’, ‘liar’ , ‘no talent’, humiliating her with every single occasion.

Basically, his opponents are the ‘lucky beneficiaries’ of Donald Trump’s insults and verbal attacks. During his nomination as a candidate for the White House, Donald Trump labeled politicians Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio ad ‘hypocrites’, ‘liars’ and ‘desperate’.

He also attacked several states and governments. A total number of seven countries became the target of Donald Trump’s insults including Saudi Arabia, UK, Germany, China, Mexico, and Iran.

Talking about Mexico, Donald Trump labeled the state as a country of ‘drugged’, ‘rapists’ and criminals, causing a major diplomatic scandal.

The list of insults created by the New York Times does not include his surrealist outputs, like the one regarding the right to carry a firearm.

The billionaire stated if he would travel to Bataclan on November 13th, he would have killed every single terrorist in the world.

The American tycoon is known for his acid and disturbing replicas and he certainly does not have the appropriate behavior that should characterize a future state leader.