During fall, our skin tends to become dry and the feeling of a dehydrated complexion is not the most pleasant one.
To avoid this nuisance, you must change your beauty routine. First of all, a hydrating lotion or a mask might become handy.
You can always opt for a homemade one: a mixture of avocado, banana and a few drops of olive oil should do the trick.
A moisturizing lotion for body and hands
A hydrating cream or lotion will certainly your skin, preventing from becoming stiff and rough.
A lip balm is also a must. The temperature variations will dry your lips, leaving them with an unpleasant appearance and feel so you can always use it preventively.
After you prepare your skin for the cold weather, a few makeup tricks will make you feel even better about yourself.
For example, the ultimate makeup trend for this fall are the dramatic lines in the eye area, meant to create an optical illusion and will make your eyes look bigger. The liquid eyeliner is always an inspired choice.
‘Ombre’ is another exciting makeup trend for this season
Intense colors and shiny pigments will match perfectly with the lines we mentioned above. The only thing you need is to apply mascara.
In the lips area, the stars of this fall are burgundy and dark purple. Meanwhile, to complete the ‘retro’ look, the blush must come in chocolate, hot pink or red.
The most popular colors in the nail polish area are ‘nude’ and ‘copper’.