According to the U.S. magazine Star, Angelina Jolie left Brad Pitt because she had an affair with a married billionaire.

The fact that she filed for divorce all of the sudden and her refusal to fight for their relationship left Brad miserable.

The fact that she failed to offer her former husband a plausible explanation regarding her actions made everybody wonders what’s going on with Angelina.

Apparently, the actress fell in love with a mysterious man and Brad admitted that as well. According to Star magazine, Jolie is seeing the billionaire for months.

‘Angie told Brad Pitt that she is in love with another man. Although they tried to hide their feelings, they are hiding wherever they could in the past six months’, a source told the publication.

The journalists from Star claim that Angelina’s new flame is a successful businessman, whose fortune exceeds a billion dollars. The new pair met at a charitable event.

‘They were constantly bumping into each other at charity events’, added the source. The mysterious billionaire is about 50 years old and he is originally from the Middle East. He is extremely handsome and he is still married. Star magazine wrote that her wife refuses to sign the divorce papers making his future with Jolie uncertain. The American tabloid published the photo with the two on the cover.

The American movie star filed for divorce from Brad Pitt in September. Still, according to a Gossip Cop report days ago, rumors claiming Angelina Jolie cheated on Pitt are untrue.