‘The speed at which cars will be able to take decisions in the distant future will be a challenge for our ability to manage them. And this requires the development of new relationships between man and machine,’ said Hicks.

The general added that Russia and China’s technological advances have caused the White House to prepare for ‘military action of this magnitude with which the US ground forces have not experienced in the Korean War times.’

In turn, the deputy chairman of the Joint Chiefs Committee, Lt. Gen. Joseph Anderson said the countries ‘aggressively compete with the United States military’ which represents an existential threat to the West.

‘What country could be targeted? Russia?’, said Anderson.

The Chief of Staff of the United States Army, General Mark Milley, said that such a war is ‘virtually guaranteed’. He also noted that the US adversaries would end the superiority of US air and naval forces not to leave the United States to reach the battlefield. Therefore, you will need to create the conditions for the use of naval and air forces to use land and naval forces of the US airlines.

In addition, they must be prepared for combat operations in cyberspace and to fight with satellite communications and navigation systems with which they are accustomed and see them as something natural, Milley considers.

The main headache of the US are now Russia and China, which are increasingly interdependent on the international arena and do not follow Washington in its pressure on uncomfortable regimes.