Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze’s partner from ‘Dirty Dancing’ is now 56-years-old. Although she reached the 50 thresholds, the actress looks super hot.

Grey debuted as an actress in a commercial at the age of 19 and got her big time role in 1984 when in ‘Reckless’.

Jennifer experienced the success after her role in the comedy ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ with Matthew Broderick.

A year late she partnered up with Patrick Swayze for the second time in ‘Dirty Dancing’. After the launching, Grey received an Emmy nomination for her impressive performance.

‘Dirty Dancing’ is considered one of the most popular films in the world, a literal classic, which turned Patrick Swayze into one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

However, Jennifer’s career collapsed after her two failed nose jobs made in the early 90s. The surgeries completely changed the physiognomy destroying her ascending career,

‘I went into the operating room a celebrity and I left as an anonymous. It was like I’ve entered into a witness protection program or as if I was invisible’, confessed Jennifer

After her role in ‘Dirty Dancing,’ the actress starred in a few films and appeared in several television series.

After she failed relationships with actors Matthew Broderick, Johnny Depp and journalist George Stephanopoulos, the actress walked down the aisle in 2001 with actor and director Clark Gregg. The pair has a daughter.

Before her appearance on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ show in 2010, Grey went through a medical check-up to see if she is able to participate. The medical check-up discovered that she has a severe problem in her back and she was forced to retire from the show.