A Swedish prosecutor has decided that the flag of the organization of the Islamic State (SI) is not based on hate speech in these circumstances and is now legal in Sweden, according to the law, reported on Monday on the thelocal.se news site.

Gisela Sjövall prosecutor announced last week that he will not indict a 23-year-old black banner of SI posted on his Facebook page in June.

Police in Laholm, a port in southwestern Sweden, had launched a criminal investigation related to the young native of Syria, on suspicion of ‘hate based speech.’

Sjövall explained that while the swastika reached as far to symbolize hatred of Hebrew, we cannot say the same about the SI flag.

‘So far we have not reached that point. But things could change in ten years,’ she told for the Hallandsposten newspaper.

According to the Swedish legislation regarding hate speech, for a picture or a statement to represent ‘hate’ is needed for it to threaten or discredit people because of race, national or ethnic origin, religious belief or sexual orientation.

‘If there was something in the text (posted alongside the flag) formulations more specific about certain groups, like homosexuals, then the decision would have been different. For me, there is no doubt about the decision not to prosecute’, underlined Gisela Sjövall.

When he was questioned in June, the Syrian-born young man told the police that in reality he does not support the Islamic State group. ‘He argued that it is not a flag of SI, but a symbol that is used for hundreds of years, before being used improperly’ said lawyer Björn Nilsson for the Hallandsposten newspaper.