A couple of years ago, Laren Galloway conquered the Internet with his beautiful blue eyes after photographer Terry Green shot him and posted his pictures on the Internet.

Laren’s parents are originally from New Orleans but they were forced to move after hurricane Katrina destroyed their home.

The eye color of an individual depends on the amount of a pigment called melanin, present in the iris of the eye. The same pigment is responsible for the color of our skin.

In Laren’s case, the eye color is unusual and in contrast with his skin. But the weirdest part is that none of his parents does have blue or light colored eyes.

According to Laren’s parents, nor any other family member doesn’t have Laren’s eyes. After his pictures surfaced on the Internet, the toddler became known worldwide as ‘the child with the most beautiful eyes’.

In addition, Laren has a personal Facebook page, Twitter account and a blog with millions of followers worldwide.  Although most netizens commented that child’s beauty is incredible, others believe the images are altered in Photoshop.

According to a science website, it is believed that Laren’s incredible eyes are attributed to Waardenburg Syndrome or a rare mutation of a key color gene.

The videos from Youtube with the little boy gathered over 5.800.000 views and he was named ‘Little Blue Eyed Brother’.