The German automaker unveiled at the Paris Motor Show a series of new models. Although the new luxury vehicles stole the limelight, the producers pointed out that the upcoming models are going to be jaw-dropping.

They hinted at the fact they will retire from the electric cars industry and they will ‘attack’ the new EQ, a generation of vehicles meant to redefine the zero emission transport.

According to Mercedes-Benz, in the future the mobility will base on four concepts: connected, autonomous and electric and common use, claims CEO of Daimler and Mercedes-Benz Dieter Zetsche.

‘The cars with zero emissions represent the future. Our new brand, EQ exceeds the idea of electric cars. EQ represents an electric ecosystem of services, technology, and innovation. In 2007, the e-smart concept was a pioneer of the electric motors. Now we are ready to launch an offensive of the electric motors which will cover all the segments. From compact cars to luxury.’, said Zetsche.

EQ is the new generation of Mercedes-Benz and the name, according to Dieter, represents a term for ‘intelligent power’.

The EQ concept was presented in Paris and is based on the GLC platform and is very similar to an SUV coupe. This is a very smart move for Mercedes because the sales on the SUV market increased significantly in the last years. Moreover, the SUV’s represent one of the strongest sources of revenue for the German automaker.

EQ is based on a modular architecture, which allows scaling various components depending on batteries.